About the Project:

“The Sacrifices They Make” by Victoria Leigh Fleischer

The Lewis Hine Documentary Fellowship partners documentary-minded individuals with “organizations seeking creative solutions to the specific problems faced by women, adolescents, and children in poor, marginalized areas.” As part of my Hine Fellowship from September 2010-July 2011, I partnered with College Bound Dorchester, a non-profit service organization for education in Boston. Throughout my 10 months at College Bound Dorchester, I became familiar with the students, staff, and issues surrounding education in Dorchester. In addition to this project, I provided College Bound with a large archive of digital photographs and prints for a variety of uses. I also took the photographs for their Annual Report and created an accompanying video for a deeper look into the lives of their students.

This project was made possible by the Lewis Hine Documentary Fellowship from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, with generous support from The Philanthropic Iniative and  The Jessica Jennifer Cohen Foundation. I would like to thank the subjects of this project, Susan MacDonald, Leslie Moore, Ismail Abdurrashid, and Mila Monteiro, for their willingness to work with me. I would also like to thank the staff and students at CBD for eagerly welcoming me into their classrooms. Finally, I would like to thank Liisa Ogburn, Alex Harris, Sherrie Waller, and Elena Rue who helped me give life to this project.